A Complete Guide To Aluminum Fabrication

In recent years, there has been a trend of increasing demand for aluminum fabrication. This is due to low weight with high strength, relatively low cost of the finished product, and various design options.

It is generally accepted that the process of aluminum fabrication is quite simple and within the power of any beginner, but this is not entirely true. As an example, although the assembly of aluminum windows and doors is much easier than the production of wooden or plastic windows, there are also some nuances and secrets here.

Stages of aluminum fabrication

The fabrication work takes place in 6 stages. At each stage, one technological operation is carried out using separate equipment.

The first stage is the marking and cutting of the aluminum structure. This procedure is performed using a special circular saw. Saws are manual with adjustable cutting angles, semi-automatic, and automatic. Automatic and semi-automatic saws often come with two cutting heads, thus cutting the profile into two planes.

After cutting the profile, the ends of the impost are processed on a special machine. Processing is carried out using a special cutter, and machines can be either manual or automatic.

After that, holes are made on the copy-milling machine, where the lock and its core will then be inserted.

At the fourth stage, a sealant is rolled into special sealing grooves. This is usually done manually on special tables.

At the fifth stage, the structure is assembled using a crimping machine. The procedure is as follows: two profiles are connected to each other with a special corner connector, which has a ribbed surface. After the two profiles are firmly fixed, with the help of special knives on the machine, the aluminum profile is pressed into a special groove of the connector. The connection thus obtained is very strong and neat.

Well, at the last stage of aluminum fabrication, fittings are installed and the structure is glazed. As you can see, the production process is quite simple, you just need to have good equipment.

Production features

Today, however, advanced technologies are used in the production of aluminum profiles, which makes it possible to produce lightweight structures that are characterized by increased strength.

As a rule, aluminum profiles are made from three-component alloys, where silicon and magnesium are used in addition to aluminum.


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