Turnkey projects

We have progressed to a new level of comprehensive products and services, and now deliver turnkey projects for our clients. Our clientele sometimes have lump sum projects that are usually required in a hair-raising time limit, but also have a combination of deliverables that may include branding, steel structure, aluminium work, civil work, racking and others.

FSUL now provides the entire project, catering for all preliminary work, major execution, approvals and permits, and hands over complete ready-to-use projects to the client. The relief to the client is immense, considering that they only have to monitor only one vendor instead of 5 – 6 separate vendors, and they save a lot of time money doing it.

Projects include warehouse facilities, office fit-outs, building modification & branding, campsite layout & setup, and more. Our solutions include, but are not limited to, designing, value-engineering, fabrication, erection/installation, and commissioning.